Our Management Team

The Core Team of the Company consists of three highly qualified,experienced, dedicated young professionals having combined experience of more than 80 years in the field of coating technology. They are highly respected in the whole industry for their depth of knowledge and dedication to work in their respective fields.

Mr. Jagmal Singh

Is a Post Graduate, M.Tech in Polymer Technology from IIT Delhi, visited abroad for Technology transfer, presented technical papers, he has a vast experience of 28 years in innovation,formulation and manufacturing of all types of thermosetting powders as well as thermoplastic powders.

Needless to say, he is sought-after by all the powder manufacturers in the country, with rich R & D base, he has customized many products to various industry houses of repute for the last 28 years, and his penchant for Development continues!

Mr. Namdeo Kharade

A B.E. (Electronics) is an award winner Entrepreneur to the core! He hails from an Army background having put in 12 years in the Army. This has helped him inculcate discipline, dedication and hard work into his life which translates in the way he manages his diverse business interests.

Add to this, post-Services, as an entrepreneur, he has 20 years shop floor experience in various surface coating processes such as Powder Coating, Anodizing, CED; which he singularly manages successfully.Apart from his own ventures he is also one of the directors of well-known sugar factory in Beed District.

Mr. Vijay Ahirrao

Is a Paint Technologist by profession, he has diverse experience in Surface Pre-Treatment and Coating Technology for the last 20 years. His acumen as a Trouble Shooter is well known in the industry.

Besides,he is adept at marketing and brings in his vast marketing experience from well-known Surface Pre-Treatment and Powder manufacturing companies of repute. Offering best possible solutions and resolving technical issues therein is his forte!


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